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Company PL-TECHNO was created in 2009 by experienced enthusiast in fields of compressors and woodworking equipment.

Company specialize in distribution and after service for professional range of industrial equipment, listed below.

Our main fields of activity:

Professional woodworking equipment, Robland, Belgium

Driers, filters, aftercoolers, separators and chillers, OMI, Italy

Professional woodworking equipment, Unisunx, China

ARLEOX branded screw compressors, compressed air driers and filters


Big compressors site

Compressors, driers, filters and other equipment, Atlas Copco, Belgium



Always on our stock, ready for shipment:

All the range of screw industrial compressors 5,5- 75 kWt

Big range of professional woodworking equipment

Compressed air driers OMI DD series, dew point +7°С  - all the range up to 5 700 l/min

Compressed air driers OMI ED series, dew point  +3°С  - all the range up to ED 1000 (16 700 l/min)

Adsorbtion driers HL/KDD, dew point  -40°С  - all the range up to KDD 160 (2 700 l/min)

Filters for compressed air of all degrees, pressure 16 and 40 bar – up to 44 m3/min

Separators for compressed air – up to 45 m3/min

Aftercoolers for compressed air  – up to RA 120 (22 m3/min)

Chillers OMI for water and glicole and oil – up to CHWT 197

Compressed air tanks 100, 230, 500, 900 litres.






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